Bank Transfers

We are happy to accept payment by bank transfer. There are three main types of bank transfer, domestic same day (CHAPS), domestic normal (BACS), and international.

Same day transfers, as its name implies, takes place on a single day, being both debited to the sender's bank account and credited to the recipient's bank account on the same day. The two parts of the transaction are not simultaneous, and can take several hours before the money is credited to the recipient's bank. Sometimes transfers sent late on one day are not notified to the recipient until the next day. Same day transfers are one of the best ways of transferring large amounts securely. They tend to cost upwards of £20.

Standard transfers take about three to four days, but are becoming a popular choice for many customers, particularly those with telephone or internet banking facilities. Unfortunately, the recipient's bank does not always notify the recipient upon receipt, ours certainly does not, and it is best to try to ensure that your payment contains some kind of unique identification. Again our bank does not always pass this on to us.

International transfers take from about 1 day to 1 week, depending also whether they are sent as express or normal. Bank charges for international transfers are higher than for domestic ones, and are levied at both ends.

NOTE: It is important that when sending us a bank transfer that you elect to pay all fees.

Our bank account details are shown below:

Royal Bank of Scotland

Royal Bank of Scotland
87 Bond Street
Tel: 01253 348938

Account Name: Chard (1964) Ltd
Sort Code: 16-14-12
Swift (BIC) Code: RBOSGB2L
Sterling Account Number: 10046146
IBAN Number: GB67 RBOS 16 14 12 10046146

Euro Account Number: CHAR1964 EURA
IBAN Number: GB29 RBOS 16 10 85 10037427

US Dollar Account Number: CHAR1964 USDA


If you have any questions regarding bank transfers you can contact us on +44 (0)1253 343081.

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